45kW Magnum™ Generator

Gen Power offers 45kW generators for rent from Magnum™. Gen Power generator systems can be found powering road and construction sites, commercial buildings and special events all over the Chicagoland area. Magnum™ generators are known for their reliability and quality features such as remote start and stop which helps in conserving fuel.
Key Features
  • Aluminum, lockable enclosure.
  • Steel skid frame and trailer.
  • Magnum Digital Controller (MDC).
  • Voltage regulation within +/- 1%.
  • Voltage selector switch.
  • Multiple convenience outlets.
  • External emergency stop switch.
  • Automatic remote start.
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150 x 59 x 74
Weight - Dry/Wet
3090 / 3770 lbs.
Prime Rating
Multiple Voltages
- Single Phase
120/240 V
- Three Phase
208, 480 V
Average Fuel Consumption
- At 100% capacity
4.0 gph
Fuel Tank
145 gal.
Hitch Type
Light Plug
6 pin
Generator is not intended for use in enclosed areas or where free flow of air is restricted.
Backfeed to a utility system can cause electrocution, shock and/or property damage. DO NOT connect to any building's electrical system except through an approved device or qualified electrical contractor.
Features and equipment specifications subject to change. Please consult Gen Power for details.
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